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A Quest for East Asian Sociologies - booksonkorea.com
Seoul National University Press

A Quest for East Asian Sociologies

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ISBN: 9788952116222

Combining theoretical and empirical studies, this book explores the emerging theoretical work that explains East Asian identities while also investigating empirical peculiarities of East Asia. The sociological perspective of this book starts from the recognition that the rise of East Asia dose not mean either a negation of the West or an ethnocentrism of the East. Given a hybridized world society and a global cosmopolitanism, the distinction between the East and the West is becoming much more complicated. East Asian sociology in contrast to as well as in continuation of the Western sociology must, therefore, be pluralist and multidimensional. This book tries to illuminate the most crucial sociological issues in East Asia such as East Asian view of globalization and civilization, inequalities and multiculturalism, social movements and risks. As the era of East Asia is manifesting itself an irreversible historical trend, so East Asian sociologies are maturing into a quest for new and better civilizations. 


Seung Kuk Kim

Pusan National University

 Lizhong Xie

Peking University



PART I. East Asian Ways and Views
1. East Asian Community as Hybridization: A Quest for East Asianism / Kim, Seung Kuk
2. The Beijing Consensus: Historical Experience, or New Development Strategy of China? / Xie, Lizhong 
3. Thoughts on the Social Development Theory of Chinese Model / Bing, Zheng 
4. Democracy and Reflexive Consensus: Korean Context and Global Relevance / Kim, SangJun 
5. Modernization Process of Japan and the History of Japanese Sociology: Perspectives from the History into the Age of Global Settings / Yui, Kiyomitsu 
6. Civilizational Encounter, Cultural Translation and Social Reflexivity: A Note on History of Sociology in Japan / Yazawa, Shujiro
PART II. Class Still Matters? 
7. The Political Attitude of Middle Class at Present China / Zhang, Yi 
8. Stabilizing Force or Destabilizing Force?: Sociopolitical Attitudes of the China’s Middle Class and Its Implication on Political Transition / Li, Chunling 
9. The Gender Wage Gap in South Korea: Difference and Discrimination / Shin, Kwang-Yeong
PART III. Multi-Cultural East Asia 
10. New Generation Migrant Workers in China: Social Attitudes and Behavior Choice / Li, Peilin and Tian, Feng 
11. Social Capital and Occupational Mobility of New Immigrants in Urban China / Zhang, Wenhong 
12. Multiculturalism and Asian Experiences / Tarumoto, Hideki 
13. Migration and Migration Policy in Japan: Toward the 21st Century Multicultural Society / Nishihara, Kazuhisa and Shiba, Mari 
PART IV. Movements: Globalized and Glocalized 
14. Global Framing Process since Rio and Vienna: A Comparison of the Korean Human Rights and Environmental Movements / Kong, Suk-Ki and Lim, Hyun-Chin 
15. Capitalists for Proximity Capital: Winners and Losers of “Nationalization” Movement in the Chinese Oil Market / L Peng 
16. Regional Referendums: Community Responses to Nuclear Facilities / Hasegawa, Koichi 
17. Under a Global Mask: Family Narratives and Local Memory in a Global Social Movement in Japan / Nomiya, Daishiro
PART V. Risk Revisited 
18. Exploration of a Research Program of Global Risks: From the Perspective of East Asia / Han, Sang-Jin
19. Social Unrest in Korea: Uncertain Society, Anxious People / Kim, Mun-Cho 
20. Risk as Missed Opportunities / Kosaka, Kenji
/ 2013 Sophia Declaration: 
East Asian Sociologists’ Resolution towards an East Asian Community / Lee, Seejae
/ Biographies
/ Indx

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