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Hangeul in the world

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ISBN: 9788962920000


Realizing how important the issue is, the Association for Korean Linguistics "Hangugoehaghoe" held an international conference on linguistics in August 2008, with Hangeul as its main topic. Among more than 70 papers which had been presented at the conference, then papers by linguistics at home and abroad were selected and translated for this book. Some papers discuss the creation of Hangeul or the historical meanings of Hangeul life and education, and others review Hangeul studies carried out overseas. Even one expands its insight into Hangeul's value, significance and future-oriented implications. For the sake of the readers, Hanminjeongeum Eonhae from Worinseokbo Vol. 1, is appendixed to this book.



고려대학교 문과대학 국어국문학과 졸업

동대학원 졸업, 문학박사

전주대학교 국어교육과 교수 역임

현 고려대학교 문과대학 국어국문학과 교수




우메다 히로유키


Werner Sasse


연세대학교 국어국문학과 교수를 역임했고, 현재 이 학교의 명예교수이다. 《근대국어 연구》(1994), 《살아 있는 우리말의 역사》(2009)가 대표적인 저서이다. 그 외 「우리말의 뿌리를 찾아서」(《우리말로 학문하기의 용틀임》, 채륜, 2010), 「한글 고문서의 연구 의의와 연구 방법」(2010)을 비롯하여 다수의 논문들을 발표했다.







 1. Hangeul and Hangeul Culture

 2. Hangeul and Korean Language Education

 3. The Trend of Modern Hangeul Type Design

 4. Studies on Hangeul in Japan

 5. The Vitalith of Hangeul in China in a New Millennium

 6. Some notes on European Studies on Hangeul

 7. The History of Written and Spoken Life of the Korean Language

 8. The Transition of the Korean Syllabary and Traditional Hangeul Education

 9. The Publication History of Hangeul Literature

 10. Hunminjeongeum and Hangeul Through a Cultural History of Language


 Hunminjeongeum Eonhae from Worinseokbo Vol. 1  



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