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Yonsei Korean Workbook 연세한국어 3-2 워크북 (Workbook) - kongnpark
Yonsei University Press

Yonsei Korean Workbook 연세한국어 3-2 워크북 (Workbook)

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ISBN: 9788968500084


This is a workbook for Yonsei Korean. This book has ten chapters with activities to support vocabulary acquisition, grammar comprehension, listening accuracy, writing exercises and speaking exercises. The completion of th workbook will promote complete understanding of basic Korean. Between each chapter there are short sections for games, puzzles and simple quizes related to Korean culture. 

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Yonsei Korean Institute

연세대학교 대학출판문화원



제6과_ 모임 문화 
제7과_ 실수와 사과 
제8과_ 학교생활 
제9과_ 부탁과 거절 
제10과_ 어제와 오늘 
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Yonsei Korean Workbook 연세한국어 3-2 워크북 (Workbook)

Yonsei Korean Textbook (Workbook)

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