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Yonsei Korean in three weeks 3주완성 연세한국어 6 - booksonkorea.com
Yonsei University Press

Yonsei Korean in three weeks 3주완성 연세한국어 6

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ISBN: 9788968500428


• Yonsei Korean in 3 Weeks 6 was written for foreigner and overseas Korean students who seek to learn the Korean language within a minimal amount of time. As a textbook for intermediate learners, this was written to help the learner have a wider understanding of Korea with the necessary lessons in vocabulary, grammar, culture, and attitude.
• Yonsei Korean in 3 Weeks 6 consists of 15 lessons that help intermediate students to learn the vocabulary, expressions, grammar and tasks needed for everyday communication.
• Five characters appear in Yonsei Korean in 3 Weeks 6, and each chapter's dialogue is based on their everyday life.
• Each chapter of this textbook includes a chapter title, objective, illustration and introductory questions, dialogue, vocabulary words, grammar, tasks, pronunciation and culture guides.
• The title for each chapter is an important sentence taken from the lesson's dialogue.
• The objective for each chapter presents a communication skill and a task necessary to learn in order to motivate the learner and help promote a clearer understanding of the chapter.
• The main dialogue of each chapter was created with the intention to make it the most typical and representative dialogue concerning a targeted theme. Each dialogue is made up of 6–10 sentences with three turns for each speaker. An illustration and a couple of questions come before the dialogue to help the learner become interested in the content of the conversation.
● There are 334 unique words presented in Yonsei Korean in 3 Weeks 6. The selected vocabulary words that the learner must know correspond to the theme of each chapter and are presented with illustrations to help convey meaning.
● The grammar and sentence pattern lessons that come from each chapter's main dialogue are explained in Korean. After the grammar is presented, practice questions are included to help the learner check what he or she has learned.
● There are three tasks for each chapter which are consistent with the communication skill presented in the chapter objective. The tasks thoroughly address the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with a greater emphasis placed on speaking and listening for intermediate learners.
● The let's read section helps learners practice the words with accurate pronunciation.
● The culture section pertains to the theme of the chapter and helps in understanding the Korean language with an explanation and photograph or drawing.
● As a supplement, grammar practice, the listening script, sample answers and an index are provided for the learner's confirmation and independent study of the targeted grammar lessons.
• The sample answers present solutions to the vocabulary and grammar practice. When needed, sample answers for the tasks are also illustrated.
• In the index of vocabulary and grammar, the new vocabulary, including the vocabulary related to themes and grammar lessons, are organized in Korean alphabetical order. 

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연세대학교 대학출판문화원


Chapter 1 The view from that room is not as good as this room, but it is bright and clean
Chapter 2 Since the summer has come, I want to change my hair style
Chapter 3 They say that the food is cheap and delicious
Chapter 4 I cannot hear any sound
Chapter 5 People use transportation cards more than cash payment
Chapter 6 I heard that over 20,000 people went to watch the movie as soon as it was released
Chapter 7 The actors' performances were amazing
Chapter 8 I feed them and play with them
Chapter 9 I am sorry to have kept you waiting so long
Chapter 10 Do you want me to buy it for you?
Chapter 11 There will be a lot of useful things at the flea market
Chapter 12 I have made an appointment to extend my visa
Chapter 13 You can do anything, if you put your mind to it
Chapter 14 Shout out loud in a place such as an amusement park or singing room 
Chapter 15 Thank you for taking good care of me
Supplement Grammar Practice
Listening Scripts
Sample Answers


Yonsei Korean in three weeks 3주완성 연세한국어 6

Yonsei Korean in three weeks 3주완성 연세한국어 6

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