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A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes (Korean Edition) 며느리에게 주는 요리책 (증보판) - booksonkorea.com
Ewha Womans University Press

A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes (Korean Edition) 며느리에게 주는 요리책 (증보판)

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ISBN: 9788973002955


A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes has been one of the representative Korean cookbooks, and has continually been enjoyed by all the generations of Koreans since its original Korean publication in 1993. The English edition introduces well-being Korean recipes with step-by-step instructions along with full-color pictures.
Chang, Sun-young always explains her recipes step by step as if she is besides you, and gives the specific measures of the ingredients in cups and spoons all the time so that no matter who makes the dish, it will result in the same taste as the dish that she herself makes. Even novice cooks can prepare authentic Korean food, which has five thousand years of tradition, and have it taste "just like mom used to make."
She is not originally trained as a professional chef; rather, she is a housewife who loves her family very much. This book originated as a collection of notes and recipes to help her two daughters-in-law who lived away from her. She shares her years of experience and wisdom, ranging from how to clean the ingredients to how to preserve the foods to how to efficiently prepare the foods. 
A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes provides invaluable guidance to Korean home cooking and includes the secrets and wisdom from 40 years of experience of a devoted Korean housewife. Even in the US, this book is consistently requested among the 2nd and 3rd generation Korean Americans. We hope that this book will be a guide to the Korean culinary arts for those who are genuinely interested in Korean culture and cooking. 

한국일보의 <장명수 칼럼>에 연재되어 장안의 화제가 되었던 이 책은 평범한 주부가 쓴 단순한 한 권의 요리책이 아니다. 그 속에는 음식을 통한 가족 사랑, 가족 문화가 맛깔스럽게 배어 있다. 증보판에서 저자는 50여 종의 요리를 추가하여 그 내용이 더욱 충실하여졌다.


Sun-young Chang

Chang, Sun-young graduated from Ewha Womans University and worked at her alma mater for 10 years until her family moved to the United States. She and her husband subsequently lived in Indonesia and the Philippines before returning to Korea. 
During her prolonged residence abroad away from her sons for their study, cooking became her favorite pastime. When she came back to Korea, she took professional lessons from the late Kang, In-hee, a master of Korean authentic cooking. 
Chang wrote recipes of family favorites for her two daughters-in-law and amassed enough to produce a cook book.『A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes』 appeared in bookstores and became a runaway best seller. Its English translation also becomes steady seller. She had her own cooking show on cable TV, wrote a weekly column for a leading daily newspaper and published another cookbook Love Comes From the Dinner Table. 
She currently lives in Fremont, California where she continues to share and expose the Korean culinary arts and culture. She continues to give cooking lessons and writes a weekly cooking column for the San Francisco edition of the JoongAang Daily newspaper. 

1940년 12월 23일 서울에서 출생하였고, 이화여대 국문과를 졸업하였다. 졸업 후 10년간 이화여대 학무처에서 일하였다. 『며느리에게 주는 요리책』초판 발행 이후 주부 요리 전문가로 이름을 날리며, 현대방송(1995년 3월~ 1996년 3월)의 "며느리에게 주는 요리"시간에 고정 출연하여 인기를 끌었다.  



증보판을 내면서 우리들의 요리책(장명수) 
일반 상식 
장보는 요령 
기본 양념 
1. 밥 
2. 국 
3. 찌개 
4. 조림과 볶음 
5. 찜 
6. 구이 
7. 저냐 
8. 죽 
9. 장아찌 
10. 나물 
11. 김치 
12. 장류 
13. 기타 
14. 중국식 
15. 후식과 간단히 만들 수 있는 떡 
16. 손님 접대용 
17. 아기에게 해먹일 수 있는 음식 
18. 특별한 행사 때의 음식 
우리 시어머니 이야기 
음식 이름 찾아보기


A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes (Korean Edition) 며느리에게 주는 요리책 (증보판)

A Korean Mother's Cooking Notes 

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