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Yonsei Korean 연세한국어 1-1 (English Version) - booksonkorea.com
Yonsei University Press

Yonsei Korean 연세한국어 1-1 (English Version)

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ISBN: 9788997578658


Read and write Hangul proficiently. Understand the fundamental system of pronunciation and pronounce initial consonants, medial vowels, and final consonants correctly. Understand and apply fundamental rules of sentence structure and syntax. Have a good command of basic conversational Korean, including greetings, self-introduction, ordering food, purchasing goods, asking for directions, using public transportation, phone conversation, etc.

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Yonsei Korean Institute

연세대학교 대학출판문화원

Having the highest requtation in Korean Language education for over 50 years, the korean language institute of yonsei university language research and education center has compiled a large quantity of textbooks to enhance the quality of korean language education. Foreigners around the world, as well as koreans living abroad have shown an increased interest and demand for the korean language. Likewise, the needs of students have become more diverse. Therefore, the Korean Language Institute of Yonsei University Language Research and Education Center has Published a new set of textbooks for various learners to acquire the Korean Language and knowledge of the Korean culture.



내용 구성 
제1과_ 인사 
제2과_ 학교와 집 
제3과_ 가족과 친구 
제4과_ 음식 
제5과_ 하루 생활 
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Yonsei Korean 연세한국어 1-1 (English Version)

Yonsei Korean textbook 

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