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Yonsei Korean 연세한국어 1-2 (English Version) - kongnpark
Yonsei University Press

Yonsei Korean 연세한국어 1-2 (English Version)

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ISBN: 9788997578665


Read and write Hangul proficiently. Understand the fundamental system of pronunciation and pronounce initial consonants, medial vowels, and final consonants correctly. Understand and apply fundamental rules of sentence structure and syntax. Have a good command of basic conversational Korean, including greetings, self-introduction, ordering food, purchasing goods, asking for directions, using public transportation, phone conversation, etc.

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Yonsei Korean Institute

연세대학교 대학출판문화원



내용 구성 
제6과_ 물건 사기 
제7과_ 교통 
제8과_ 잔화 
제9과_ 날씨와 계절 
제10과_ 휴일과 방학 
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Yonsei Korean 연세한국어 1-2 (English Version)

Yonsei Korean Textbook 연세한국어 1-2 

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