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Yonsei Korean 연세한국어 5-1 (English Version)
Yonsei University Press

Yonsei Korean 연세한국어 5-1 (English Version)

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ISBN: 9788997578955


Logically and skillfully convey opinions on academic and professional discourses in the arts, umanities, social sciences and science. Understand and articulately respond to current events and topics found in the news and newspaper articles. Appropriately use vocabulary and expressions that convey the speaker’s feelings and emotion when relaying information. Understand Korean values on language &education, work &leisure, science &technology, the economy, mainstream culture, tradition, nature &the environment, and family &society.

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Yonsei Korean Institute

연세대학교 대학출판문화원



제1과_ 언어와 생활 
제2과_ 직업과 직장 
제3과_ 일상생활과 여가 문화 
제4과_ 과학과 기술 
제5과_ 생활과 경제 
듣기 지문/색인/지문출저 

Yonsei Korean 연세한국어 5-1 (English Version)

Yonsei Korean Textbook 연세한국어

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