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The Academy of Korean Studies Press

Modern Korean Family: A Sourcebook

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ISBN: 9791158660413


The series “A Sourcebook” organizes and provides primary data sorted by subjects and areas on the understanding of and research into modern Korean society and culture in an attempt to meet academic interest on the foreign study of Korea in its rapid achievements of industrialization, democratization, and social change. Modern Korean Family: A Sourcebook is designed to be the most basic reference book for researchers, both within and outside of Korea, who are pursuing research on subjects related to the Korean Family. It should serve as an essential reference tool both for non-Korean researchers who are unfamiliar with issues related to the Korean Family and for any researcher having difficulties accessing resources related to the Korean Family, which are unfortunately only available in the Korean language.


Ki-Soo Eun

Eun Ki-Soo is Professor of Sociology and Korean Studies at the Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University.

Minja Kim Choe

Minja Kim Choe is Senior Fellow at the East-West Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa.



Chapter1 The Family Planning Program and Changes in Korean Society
Chapter2 The Korean Family: A Legal and Systematic Approach
Chapter3 Changes in Family Values and Their Meanings
Chapter4 The Significance of and Themes Present in the Family Law Revision Movement
Chapter5 Special Topics Related to the Korean Family
Chapter6 The Effects of Globalization and Nation-States on the Family in Kore
Chapter7 The Family Relations Register and the Reconstruction of Family Relationships


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