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Social Welfare in Korea: A Sourcebook Volume I
The Academy of Korean Studies Press

Social Welfare in Korea: A Sourcebook Volume I

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ISBN: 9791158661977


This book offers a comprehensive documentation of the Korean welfare state since the independence in 1945. Focusing on the major social welfare programs such as the National Pension, Medical Insurance, Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance, Employment Insurance, Free Child Care, Long-term Care Insurance for the Elderly, and National Basic Livelihood Security, this book provides a compelling and detailed explanation of the birth, settlement, and development of the Korean welfare state. It will serve as the standard text on the history of welfare policy in Korean. This book will appeal to those interested in the Korean welfare state as well as those interested in the Korean society as a whole. 


Jin-young Moon

Faculty: Professor of Social Walfare at Sogang University

Jae-jin Yang

Faculty: Professor of Public Administration at Yonsei University



Chapter 1 Introduction 1
1.1 A Welfare System Development in Korea 1 
1.1.1 The Period of Poverty Alleviation 2 
1.1.2 Period of the 1960s System 2 
1.1.3 The Period of the Productive Welfare System 3 
1.2 The Establishment and Operation of Major Programs 5 
1.2.1 Health Insurance 5 
1.2.2 Post-retirement Income Support (National Pensions and
Basic Pensions) 9 
1.2.3 Public Assistance (The National Basic Living Security Program) 12 
1.2.4 Occupational Accident/Injury Compensation (Industrial Accident
Compensation Insurance Program) 16
1.2.5 Unemployment Benefits (Employment Insurance) 19 
1.2.6 Long-term Care Insurance for Senior Citizens 21 
1.2.7 Free Childcare Support 24 
1.3 Conclusion—The Present and Future of Korea as a Welfare State 26
References 27
Chapter 2 Changes to the Social Security Act 29
Source 1. The Social Security Act (Act No. 1437, Established on November 5, 1963) 29
Source 2. Framework Act on Social Security (Act No. 5134, Established on December 30, 1995) 31 
Source 3. Framework Act on Social Security (Act No. 11238, Established January 26, 2012) 37
Chapter 3 Health Insurance 49
Source 1. Introduction and Historical Developments of the National Health Insurance 49
Source 2. A Policy Report for the Participatory Government 74
Source 3. Record of Interview (Kim Yong-ik) – The Integration of Medical Insurance Systems and Separation of Prescribing and Dispensing Drugs 101
Source 4. The Medical Insurance Act (Act No. 1623, Established on December 16, 1963) 108
Source 5. National Health Insurance Act (Act No. 5854, Established on February 8, 1999) 120
Chapter 4 Post-retirement Income Support (National Pensions and Basic Pensions) 151 
Source 1. Twenty Years of the National Pension – Cancelation of the National Welfare Pension – Introducing the National Welfare Pension Act 151
Source 2. Twenty Years of the National Pension – 1997, 1998: The First Reformation of the Scheme 181
Source 3. Policy Report of the Participatory Government – Reform of the National Pension Scheme 212
Source 4. Policy Report of the Participatory Government – Welfare Policy for Senior Citizens 245
Source 5. The National Welfare Pension Act (Act No. 2655, Established on December 24, 1973) 266
Source 6. The National Pension Act (Act No. 3902, Completely Amended on December 31, 1986) 291 
Source 7. The Basic Old-age Pension Act (Act No. 8385, Established on April 25, 2007) 319 
Source 8. The Basic Pension Act (Act No. 12617, Established on May 20, 2014) 326


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