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Transcultural Fandom and the Globalization of Hallyu

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ISBN: 9791190205146


It is of note that many of the available studies of Hallyu take an ethnographic and interpretive approach and show a strong tendency to prioritize analysis of the textual content and images used in Hallyu. But there is a need to take more notice of the networks of production and dissemination, which are responsible for making Hallyu products available to fans. Indeed, understanding Hallyu networks potentially challenges long dominant Euro-American-centric accounts of production and consumption. Hence, this book is part of the attempt to build a comprehensive and interdisciplinary identity for Hallyu studies. It provides an updated account of Hallyu’s traffic and acceptance in countries outside Korea’s immediate neighbors, and references some of Hallyu’s recent developments, notably its alignments with new media fields and with the growth of Korea’s interest in cultural diplomacy.


Keith Howard, Nissim Otmazgin



Preface … 5
• Gil-Sung Park, Nissim Otmazgin and Keith Howard
Introduction: Fandom Formation and the Globalization of Hallyu 11
• Gil-Sung Park and Nissim Otmazgin
Who are the Swedish K-pop fans? Revisiting the reception of hallyu
in post-Gangnam Style Sweden  27
• Tobias Hübinette
Between realities and artefacts:
An analysis of the impact of Hallyu in Romania  49
• Valentina Marinescu
K-pop Fandom in Germany: A micro and a macro perspective  67
• Ute Fendler
Midwestern U.S. Hallyu Fans: “Black American, Heart Korean” 95
• Sherri L. Ter Molen
“Becoming-a-fan” stories: Hallyu in Australia  127
• Sarah Keith
Fan Entrepreneurship: Fandom, Agency,
and the Marketing of Hallyu in Israel  155
• Nissim Otmazgin and Irina Lyan
Japanese Webtoon: Digitalizing and Marketing Manga Online
Using South Korean App Designs  181
• Ingyu Oh and Bonwon Koo
Hallyu as Sports Diplomacy and Prestige Building  207
• Jonson N. Porteux and Kyong Jun Choi
Conclusion: Writing Hallyu, Defining Fandom  231
• Keith Howard
Index 257
Biographical Sketches of Contributors 261

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